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Frequently Asked Questions
1.1 What types of payments are accepted?

  • 1.1.1 Miles Car Rental
    Accepts major credit cards such as: American Express, Discover, Visa, MasterCard, Diners Club and debit cards with the Visa or MasterCard logo. PayPal is also accepted as a form of payment.

2.6 Does the final price include Taxes and other fees for the rental?

Once you have chosen the vehicle and any additional items you wish to add to your rental, the rate response will specify all the charges (Taxes, Surcharges, and fees) that are included in your rate quotation.

2.16 What is an additional driver?

An additional driver is a secondary person that must meet all rental qualifications (Age and licensing) to be registered as a second driver for the rental. Most auto rental agencies charge an additional fee per day, per additional driver, unless the additional driver registry has already been included in the rental plan. The names of all additional drivers must be added to the contract at the time of pick up and all drivers must be present at the time.

Please be advised that in most cases, you have the option to add an additional driver if you choose our All-Inclusive Rate (Miles Car Rental). For further details, please contact our Customer Service Department.

2.17 What is the fuel policy on the rental?

In most cases the rental vehicle will be delivered to the renter with a full tank of gas. Upon delivery the renter will be given the option to either prepay for the first tank of gas so that he/she will not have to worry about refueling the vehicle before the return, or to fill up the tank before returning the vehicle and waive the fuel charges to the rental agency. If the renter chooses to decline the fuel pre-payment option and returns the vehicle with an empty tank, the auto rental agency will charge the renter for the cost of the missing fuel plus an additional fee for the refueling service.

2.18 Is it possible to rent the vehicle in one city and drop it off in a different city?

Yes, you are allowed to drop off the vehicle in a different city than the one where rented (Depends on the rental company chosen for the rental). If you are looking to drop off the vehicle in another state, there will be a one way drop charge which may vary depending on the state where you wish to return the rental. The vehicle which you rent may be driven unrestrictedly throughout the continental USA, and as long as the vehicle is returned to the same location where picked up, no additional charges will apply.

  • 2.18.1 Sixt Rent a Car
    Only allows the rental vehicle to be used in the state of pick-up and the surrounding geographical area (Region) as specified in the table below:

2.19 What happens in case of a toll infraction?

If for any reason you commit a toll infraction, the security camera at the toll pass will take a picture of the vehicle’s license plate and an infraction notice will be sent to the car rental agency. As a result, the infraction fees will be charged to the renter’s credit card on file. Charges may take up to 30 days to appear on the credit card holder’s bill. (Please keep in mind that there will be administration fees per every violation).

2.26 What is Liability Insurance Supplement (LIS, ALI y/o SLI)?

Liability Insurance Supplement is an optional insurance, which will increase the limits of third party liability protection. This additional service is available through our website or at the rental counter for an additional daily fee.


2.28 Is there a grace period offered in case I am late for the return of the rental?

Yes, there is a 29-minute grace period from the time you picked up the vehicle.

2.29 What should I do if I lost something in the vehicle?

Miles Car Rental is not responsible for anything left in the rental vehicles. However, if an item is found in a rental vehicle, it will be turned into lost and found at the rental location. Please contact the rental location from which you picked up the vehicle for further information.

2.30 Who is the Primary Renter?

The primary renter is the person under the reservation; this person will be listed first on the reservation and will be responsible for providing the payment information, whether in credit or debit card. Primary renter will also be solely responsible for the vehicle that rented. It is important to keep in mind that the primary driver must have a valid driver’s license, a credit card under his name and return tickets (Air and / or Cruise) to meet the rental requirements.

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